Squeaky Wheel Gets the Grease

Trumpets Please...
Finally a call from Sutter Hospital in Sacramento.

My old and favorite boss Vance used to say, "Squeaky Wheel Gets the Grease". After jumping through hoops and getting a mandatory referral we were able to beseech the Doodle an appointment with Dr. American at the Sutter Comprehensive Epilepsy Program and Department of Pediatric Neuro Science. Just the name itself sounds so very promising and hopeful.

Driving to Sacramento does not phase me, even with Dominic. I would drive to Canada if it meant getting more information on what is going on in Dommy’s little brain and finding a way to help him. I’m just hoping we don’t come home with more prescriptions…

We have our first appointment on June 30th. I will, of course, be bringing my epilepsy scrapbook with copies of all of the test results, MRI’s , Cat Scans, EEG’s and my lovely Excel color coordinated seizure chart for Dominic. I have been keeping track of all of his seizures and my spreadsheet has gotten quite large and colorful. I love the look on the Doctor’s face when I bust out my scrapbook and seizure chart with the pie graphs. On my chart, I have also carefully made note of when he started a new medication or was taken off a medication and which staggering set of side effects we have since endured (Dommy and Mommy).

On another note, I also just got a letter back from the Medical Board of California in response to my complaint against Dr. Julie Griffith in Marin. Remember, squeaky wheel...They have assigned an Enforcement Analyst to review my allegations. How dare Dr. Giffith take advantage and prey on the vulnerability of a family’s devastating circumstances during a time of such heartache and sorrow. It’s disgusting to witness a medical Doctor use their power and alleged knowledge to frighten and alarm while obtaining gobs of money in exchange for offering a smidgen of hope.

After we very clearly FIRED Dr. Griffith on the phone while screaming at her office manager and with my follow up complaint letter confirming her dismissal (see 4/17/09 blog entry), she wrote me a letter weeks later letting me know that she would no longer be seeing Dominic…and never addressing any of my issues in the letter I had written; which proves just how very crazy she is.

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