Make Sure You're Sure

There's nothing quite like the cat calls of a kitty in heat to really get you in the mood. Let's face it, cats in heat are just no fun and are borderline psychotic. With all of what is going on with Dominic I've been at my wits end with our 1 year old cat. She just had a litter of kittens and then immediately went into heat, so I could not get her fixed yet. In the meantime, she has escaped a couple of times outside to whore around with her friend Tom. At this point, I cannot physically or mentally deal with another litter of kittens.

So if you are ever considering taking your cat for a ride you should make sure you're sure. Sometimes they might not be in the same spot you dropped them off at 5 days later. Thank goodness I never decided to take our beloved Coco for a ride over to the country club or the school down the street or she might not be here with us today, meowing and destroying the furniture.

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