The Witching Hour

It's 11:30, do you know where your little witch is?

One of the little gifts of autism that keeps on giving for us is the insomnia and bad sleep patterns.
We've been through it all in the middle of the night:  sleep apnea, night terrors, infantile spasms, teeth-grinding, bed wetting, seizures. 
Sleep is no longer restful for me; not when you wrestle a 48 pound back-kicker all night to give you an inch of your pillow back.
It's hard to get this little guy in bed and asleep by 11:00pm.
The 7:30pm and 8:00pm catnaps don't help either.
If he goes to bed, say 9:00pm, he's up at 11:00pm and it's even worse than keeping him up late.

"He walked into the party, like he was walking on to a yacht.
His (witch) hat strategically dipped below one eye, his jammies were apricot.
He's so vain.  He probably thinks this post is about him, he's so vain."

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