Where Did It Go?

Without stating the obvious, it amazes me every year how much faster time flies the older you get.  I remember as a kid, sitting and waiting for hours for things to happen--to grow up and have a new birthday come or a holiday like Christmas come.  Everything took forever. Things could never happen fast enough.  The school year drug on and on.  Dishes on Christmas Eve took hours to get done before the presents could get opened.  Driving somewhere seemed like it took an eternity in the boring car, work days drug on and (ok so some things haven't changed).

Now, time passes at lightening speed and some days it doesn't feel like there were really the right number of hours in the day that should have been there.  And before you know it, it's the end of the week and the weekend is over in a blink and you start the whole process over again--and now your 42 years old with just 109 days until Christmas and you need to get to the grocery store and feel guilty if you want to take a nap.

We made it through this Labor Day, which to me, means summer is (basically) over.  School has started, we're almost to Fall.  Pretty soon Jimmy will be turning 11 and we're already talking about what to be for Halloween.

That means, Thanksgiving will be rolling around soon--and then the festivities of Winter will be upon us in full swing.  43 years old is just a blink away.  I say that with Hope now because I know that life is a gift and a blessing and even though I get busy and overwhelmed and want to scream into a pillow, I can't forget that no matter where the time goes.

Each year, I never catch up and each year I seem to be less and less prepared (for things) even though I'm fully aware "they're" coming and, like some kind of out of control freight train, I can't stop it or even begin to slow it down.

Oh well.  It's 11:03 pm right now and the day is damn near over.  All the projects I wanted to get to this weekend seemed to get pushed off as if I will have more time this week to get them done, except that's just it, there's never MORE time.

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