Progress in Doodleville

Since school has started just three weeks ago we have a different Doodle. 

He's changing daily, he seems more alert and more interested in things in general.  He LOVES to play with Jimmy now, before he wouldn't give him the time of day, although he needs to take him in small doses.   He's able to wait a little longer for things without freaking out and melting down (insert big sigh here) and he's eating bananas and drinking out of a cup.  He's gotten really good at feeding himself and he seems to be a little more independent at home.

The best and most encouraging change for me is that he is making different sounds and he's making these sounds on purpose...he's gone from vowel sounds only to now doing some dehdehdeh's and some fuh-fuh-fuh's.

I even put my big girl panties on and took the Doodle and Jimmy out to dinner tonight at Applebees--we went a little later in the evening so there would be NO WAIT--we went to a family restaurant with lots of noise (to drown out the Doodle), I brought snacks--and as soon as we sat down I explained our situation and told the waitress that he was Autistic and has NO sense of time or waiting and asked if she could bring us chips and salsa right away.  It worked out great.  Once the chips and salsa came he was completely entertained until his dinner came.  We ate and when I could see things were getting a little sketchy, I asked for to go boxes and the check and we were there before any damage or screaming could be done.  I had to explain to Jimmy that unfortunately he had to kind of pick up the pace and eat that we didn't have time for a lot of conversation.  I think he understood but I felt bad for rushing him.

All in all I'm watching the progress and it makes me so happy.  I'm doing my best to take things for what they are and not get my hopes up too high and understand that the Doodle's development is on a completely different schedule and wave-length than most.  Que Serra Serra.

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  1. any progress is good progress!Good for you to look for the little things!