A little progress around here. 

I thought the Doodle would be 16 years old, drinking out of a bottle and completely chewing off the nipple and choking on it...He is now drinking out of a "training" cup.  Before, you could not even touch a sippy cup to his mouth without him screaming, kicking, crying and even gagging.  It was strange, the second the new plastic nozzle-thingy would even touch his lips, he would almost throw up.  When you have a kid on seizure medication you do not want them throwing up.  So I bought every single kind of sippy/training cup there is, all different types and it was always the same thing.  We'd try cups with straws built in, sports bottles, everything.  A couple of more issues we have is that he refuses to drink any other liquid besides his Vanilla Soy Milk.  No water.  No juice. Nothing else and if you try, he gags and throws such a fit, he'll go on strike and then it would take him all day to accept his bottle again and I worry about dehydration.  But finally, a training cup! It's pretty cool really because his BPA free bottles, which I love, have graduating spouts--which takes his bottle and turns it into a sippy cup.  The plastic on the spout is perfect because it's not too hard of plastic, it's still fairly soft and squishy.  I have to cut the opening a little bit so that the liquid comes out faster because I'm trying to get him off the sucking...and more on the drinking.

He also still can't suck out of a straw...I get the run around on this one on who is going to help him.  The OT says it's his Speech Therapist and the Speech Therapist says it's the OT.  Hmmmmm.  How about we all work with him and try to help him with it instead of looking for a loop hole in a job description?

So we have made some progress, although I wouldn't exactly raise the flags and bake a cake because this was a 12 month milestone that we are hitting at age 4. But, that's ok, I'll take it.  Better late than never as they say.

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  1. You know, the milestones come so slow in the beginning then one day you're checking them off left and right. Have faith, my friend and celebrate the victory!