Big Day Today

Someone started school today at a new school, new class and with a new Teacher!
That meant new routine, new bus driver, new bus everything except for our old friend and Shape Aid, Betsy!  Doodle is happy to have his Betsy back!

I'm so proud of him for riding the bus like a big boy today!  He didn't have his nurse Leandra to help him and sit with him and hold his hand.  I'm not a big fan of just the "seat belt".  He used to get strapped into a more secure vest contraption...
He had a good day at his new school and made an excellent transition. When he came from school he was completely exhausted and took a nice hour and a half nap!

And we have a 5th Grader Now!
Jimmy also had a first day of school and had a great day!
He got the teacher he wanted and couldn't wait for school to start.  I think he had kind of a boring summer.

And his first night of 5th grade he had HOMEWORK! Yay!
God Bless Mrs. Brown.

And the fun and excitement doesn't stop around here...not on a Monday!  Besides it being the finale for Real Housewives of New Jersey, we had a little birthday dinner for Papa Jerry and the Doodle only escaped out the front door once during dinner to open the garages and break into a couple of cars.  We bribed him into coming back inside for a cupcake.  He helped Papa blow out the candles over and over and yes, we sang that song, over and over too.
If you're wondering why Papa is holding onto both of his hands it's because you cannot trust a Doodle Bug for one second, especially when there is FIRE involved. 
Happy Birthday Jerry!

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