Discovery Kingdom 2010

Today was our "annual" day trip to Six 
Flags Discovery Theme Park (always known to me as "Marine World").  I took today off because I promised Jimmy that before school started (which is Monday) that he and I would go. It was perfect weather and perfect timing because so many kids are already back in school.  There were no crowds to speak of and no lines for food, restrooms and even the rides--the BIG roller coaster rides included.  We would pick a ride and literally just walk right on, or in Jimmy's case, Run.

We went to the Dolphin show, saw the Penguins and took lots of pictures to scrap book.

I did my best to stay away from the junk food--although I snuck a few french fries and had a few sips of a cherry Icee.  But I brought my pedometer which tells you how many steps you take.  I took 13, 877 steps today.  2000 steps is approximately equal to 1 mile.  So I had fun while exercising.  Jimmy met a friend there from school so I hung out with his friend's dad most of the day while Jimmy went on rides with his buddy. 

All in all, it was a great day, but in my old age, Theme Parks now wear me out.  And I'm exhausted.  Maybe it was all the excitement...

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