Shades of Grey

AUGUST 24, 1977 - MAY 1, 2010

Heaven has called upon you today,
leaving so many things for me left to say.
Unspoken words and regrets I can’t un-do
But lasting memories I will always have of you.

I hope your spirit soars with freedom
From the pain that held you tight.
May you find the love you searched for
with a bright and guided light.

I wish your worried mind be clear
while your generous heart can be kept warm.
May you have no need for strength now,
since you’ll never face another storm.

I pray that songs of the angels
be the only sounds you hear.
So you can finally be in peace,
And never cry another tear.

I’ll tell myself you’re in a better place,
though I wish you could have stayed.
I think about your short life here
And all it’s shades of grey.

Your sister loved you and I hope you knew that.

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