Bad Idea

I never cut my hair. I rarely even get trims. I've been trying to grow it for five years now. It's actually gotten pretty long, down to my bra strap on my back. But, it was straggly and unkempt and lifeless and thinning and just not looking good. And I wear a baseball hat everyday. So I was really excited about getting my hair cut today.

Bad idea.

I went to someone new. I had a vision. I brought pictures of exactly what I wanted. Did I leave with what I wanted? No.

I wanted a couple of inches cut off and my hair shaped and styled with long sweeping bangs to one side and some long layers with wispy ends.

What I got was about 6-7 inches chopped off ub a straight across Dora the Explorer hair cut with short bangs. I brought pictures because I am a visual person and I thought it would help get what I want across so that there would be NO confusion of trying to understand a verbal description. I brought several pictures actually, all very similar so that in case maybe my hair wouldn't do exactly one, there'd be another version that might suit me better.

The stylist was very nice and agreeable, she told me it was no problem, we could do it...she even laid the pictures I brought out on her counter I think to show me that she really understood.

Because of my bad hayfever allergies, I wore my glasses instead of contacts. So she asked me to take them off. I can't see my nose in front of my face without them. I never even saw the first 7 inches fall and hit the floor. By the time I realized it, it was too late. I was really super clear that I wanted to keep my bangs long. Nope. They too were not spared.

It's not a BAD haircut. The cut is a nice cut and it's not about the quality of the cut. It's about not getting what you ask for or reasonably close and it was $50.00. So my hair is now short and very plain jane school marmish. I went in for a fresh and fun look and I came out with something from 1989. I'm definitely feeling pretty now. Thank goodness for my hat collection. It will grow right?

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