Say It Aint So

"Popular estimates of the divorce rate of parents of children with autism are 80 percent and above," said Lori Warner, director of Michigan's Beaumont Hospital's HOPE Center, which works with children who show signs of autism.

"Parents of children with autism are at higher risk for anxiety and depression," Warner said.

No shit lady.

I can attest to both of those opinions, it does put a strain on your marriage (and most other relationships); especially if one person feels like they are taking on the brunt of the care and the other one doesn't help out so much. Or care as much. Or get involved as much.

And you do get worn down to the point of depression because you can never fully understanding the WHY in this. You can't help but feel responsible. Even if you don't feel responsible for the autism condition constantly asking yourself how you could have prevented it? You feel responsible for bringing this little person into the world who now has to cope with all of these challenges for the rest of his/her life.

One of my favorite Hollywood couples just broke up. I thought they were the perfect couple and had it all. The Queen Spokesperson for DAN! Doctors and Autism advocate and America's funny guy announced their break up over Twitter.

Just two months ago, on Valentine's Day, Jim Carey hired a plane to write "J Hearts J" across the Los Angeles skyline to his girlfriend Jenny McCarthy. He had said that her son, Evan, taught him how to love.

Jenny McCarthy has openly discussed that the stress of their son's autism is why she and her first husband, John Asher, divorced in 2005.

But this time around seemed different. She seemed to have nothing but support and love from Jim Carey. She was so involved in autism awareness and Jim Carey was always by her side.

She concludes that she cured her son of autism with diet, detox and therapies; which would mean that the speculation that the stress of autism contributing to the break up is a bunch of hooey. Right?

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