Losing the Battle to Win the War

The more time I spend listening to the narcissistic Dr. Julie Griffith of San Rafael, CA speak the more I realize how very crazy and calculating she is. Professional medical and ethical practices are completely lost on her.

She lied. Repeatedly.
She perjured herself.
She changed her story from the last court appearance.
She said I had cognitive difficulties.
She said she provided "medical care".
She said she dismissed me...when she was fired on April 15th.
She said she had more training than our other Neurologist who disagreed with her.

Since we lost our Small Claims Court case last time with her, and since she sent me a threatening letter, I decided to appeal it. It's supposed to be a "do-over". The first Judge we had only took into consideration my breech of contract since I agreed to pay her $500 per hour and we were there for 3 hours...end of story. She didn't take into consideration any of Dr. Griffith's misconduct and negligence and behavior as to WHY I stopped payment in the first place.

This time, I got to talk more and I focused on the fact that she never gave the Doodle an actual "physical exam" as it is stated four times in the same "contract" and welcome package where her fees are located that I signed in good faith prior to the appointment. I also provided a pretty colorful graph that the Judge barely looked at where I broke down the 3 hour appointment in a percentage pie chart so that you could see at a glance how much time was spent talking about the misdiagnosis of Dandy Walker...38% of the appointment. I tried to make it clear that the only reason I stayed for 3 hours is because she had just told me my son had a severe and life threatening brain malformation--Done masterfully only as a true con-artist might do.

Since Dr. Griffith's section of vitals statistics, weight, temperature, measurements etc. was left blank in her report to me proves that she never did a physical on the Doodle. She gave him a visual once over and that was it. The Doodle was in the exam room for 10 minutes max with no standard physical exam. Therefore, Dr. Griffith was in breech of her very own contract.

I got to tell my story again but the Judge pretty much stated he is not going to determine or consider any malpractice or misconduct or ethics in this case. That it was strictly about the 3 hours @ $500 per hour. Was I there? Did I know she was $500per hour? Did I sign the document? Yes. Yes. And, Yes. But, I disputed the charge with extenuating circumstances after the fact because of her actions. It wasn't until after the appointment that I realized she had misdiagnosed him, over prescribed him medication and then refused to come to the phone unless I provide her with a credit card when the Doodle was having the new head-drop seizures from the medicine SHE PRESCRIBED HIM.

I had a sworn declaration from a former Dr. Griffith patient who had similar complaints and was charging her $500 per hour to track a fed ex package...she complained and wrote Dr. Griffith and a statement for the court and the Judge refused to see it. Even though it shows a distinct pattern in Dr. Griffith's unethical billing practices.

So if the Judge won't take into account Dr. Griffith's intentional and disingenuous methods of alarming parents with sick children so that they will stay longer in her office, in my case--3 hours...and trick them into making follow up appointments to discuss her wild ideas, opinions and diagnosis then I have Lost once again and will have to pay her for her purposeful negligence and my waste of time. It has to be purposeful because no doctor could be that wrong or stupid about so many things in one consultation.

I didn't even get to the part where since our first (and last) consultation with Dr. Julie Griffith, the Doodle has $34,000 in REAL medical bills for actual treatment. And it is because of her over prescribing him antiseizure medication which triggered the head drop seizures which is why he now requires a nurse. I didn't get to mention that the Doodle has racked up $48,000 in nursing bills since our appointment with Dr. Griffith. Those facts, would not be relevant...

I will be following up with the California Medical Board and the Marin County District Attorney's Consumer Fraud Department just the same. I will not let this rest and some new things came to light today during court that will clearly get us some kind of justice.

My first favorite part of court today was when Dr. Griffith asked the Judge if she could triple the amount of the charge like you get to do if someone bounces a check to you...Of course the Judge told her NO. It doesn't work that way with credit cards...the same law does not apply and she would have had to ask for that amount in her original complaint...if that does not prove what a money grubbing "doctor" she is and speak to her character, I don't know what does.

My second favorite part of court today was when she asked the Judge if he could have me remove my report of her at www.ripoffreport.com and he told her NO. To read the report you can cut and paste this link into your browser:


The Judge will send us his decision next week. So for now I will wait to hear his decision with no unrealistic expectations. I'm really lucky to have had the support of my mom and Jerry at my side during all of these court appearances. I'd like to thank them for being there for me even knowing we probably didn't stand a chance.

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