I Heart Sundays

I had a lazy carefree day today with no place to be and nothing at all to do. It felt strange. I got to sleep in, enjoy my morning coffee, read the paper in bed, watch cartoons, go for a walk with the Doodle and the flea bag and still have time for a nap and some scrapbooking! The weather was absolutely perfect to be outside enjoying the sun.

I never once even got in my car. No traffic. No stress. My day was great and I didn't even buy anything.

Jim and Jimmy went riding today so it was just the Doodle and I. I love it when it's just the Doodle Bug and I. He's getting easier in some ways, when he's in his comfort zone. He's more independent and his temperament is getting better. The fact that I managed to scrapbook 10 pages, read and watch a movie is amazing.

I watched a great movie with Robert DeNiro called Everyone's Fine. I cried my eyes out. Then I made a tasty Lasagna dinner and we watched the Academy Awards tonight...why can't all Sundays be this easy and relaxing? This weekend went by way too fast. I'm going to put this on my To Do list, to take at least one day a week and unplug and recharge my battery I can really tell a difference in my mood today. I don't think I screamed once.

Remember, dreams can't come true if you don't have any...

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