Just Be

Be the still pool.
Let your face reflect the glory,
the wonder.

Be the dragonfly,
silent but joyful.

Be the bud.
Prepare to blossom.

Be the tree.
Grant shelter.

Be the butterfly.
Accept the riches of the moment.

Be the moth.
Seek the light.

Be the latern.
Guide the lost.

Be the path.
Open the way for another.

Be the wind chime.
Let the breeze blow through you.
Turn the storms into songs.

Be the rain.
Wash away, cleanse, forgive.

Be the grass.
Grow back when you are tred upon.

Be the moss.
Temper your strength with softeness,
with mercy.

Be the soil.
Bear fruit.

Be the gardener.
Create order.

Be the temple.
Let the spirit dwell in you.

Be the seasons.
Welcome change.

Be the moon.
Shine through the darkness.

Be the pebble.
Let time shape and smooth you.

Be the leaf.
Fall gracefully when your time comes
to let go.

Trust in the circle.
To end is to begin.

From the book, In A Japanese Garden, Charmaine Aserappa

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