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Besides changing the channels and eating Doritos the Doodle is happiest playing outside. Sometimes he plays like a true "normal" little boy might play and sometimes I forget that he's autistic. I forget that he can't speak. I forget that he has severe sensory issues. I forget that he's not potty trained and that he still drinks out of a bottle. I forget how difficult he can be. Then, every once in a while, I catch a glimpse of myself in the reflection of his shiny black helmet and it makes me remember...I have a very sick little boy with epilepsy; and I think to my self, who really cares about the autism? The autism is so secondary now. His health is what is really important, not his development or speech or behavior or quirks. I can live with and manage those. We will get by. It's the seizures I have the hardest time with.

When I look at this little man, I see a little boy with so much promise and potential and I remember how much he has taught me about acceptance.

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