Contributing to the Delequency (Edited)

...of our minor. Oh how I love it when the Doodle learns something new and takes an interest in something other than Doritos but then I ask ourselves...why?

Why did we teach him THAT? Have we learned nothing about living with autism?

Because when the Doodle learns something new, it's OCD time. Jim, oh my dear Jim, has really done it this time. He has taught the Doodle to operate the remote control for the TV. Now, we cannot watch any program, his or ours, without having to change the channel and press the pause button over and over and over and over. We haven't taken the remote away cold turkey. How could we? That would be just mean. Just look at that face, changing the channel makes him so happy. How can I take something from him that gives him such true pleasure that isn't really hurting anyone? It's just the TV for goodness sakes. I think to myself, self, I need to lighten up. But then I watch something come over him and he gets overstimulating and then no one is enjoying themselves anymore...especially Doodle Bug.

So we have to hide the remote now and while millions of other people across the world are partaking in the glory of the almighty TIVO and fast-forwarding through the commercials or pressing pause to get a snack or take a whiz...we cannot. We have to suffer through television like we did in the old days; pre-DVR.

Besides Jim, I like to blame those foolish British idiots nice looking award winning and talented Australian gentlemen from the Upside Down Show. The entire show they are telling the children to press the pause button and the rewind button and the right side up button--blah blah blah.

It is clear to me now why it is the Doodle's favorite show, it's all about the remote and controlling things.

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  1. Those "foolish British idiots" are actually gifted Australian performing artists who have built a reputation of connecting with autistic children on a level that most children's TV shows fail to achieve.

  2. I completely stand corrected and apologize to anyone British...Perhaps I’m a little critical of the show since they play the same 6 episodes over and over and over and because of the incessant falling down and over exaggerated air guitar. I realize it is a children’s show and had no idea that it was such a widely acclaimed and award winning program with the autistic children and otherwise; so thank you for opening my eyes and my MIND. The only thing I see missing is bathroom humor but you had me curious now so I googled it: The Upside Down Show is a Logie Award winning[1] live action daytime children's show featuring Shane Dundas and David Collins that airs on Nick Jr. US, Nick Jr. Australia and ABC Australia. The duo gained fame as physical comedians The Umbilical Brothers, playing brothers who lived together in a strange house with a variety of unusual rooms. The show premiered on Nick Jr. Australia in August 2006 and Nick Jr in October 16, 2006 - February 11, 2009 with 23 episodes developed by the highly acclaimed Sesame Workshop.

    On December 27, 2006, in a New York Post interview[2] Shane Dundas expressed doubts about the return of the show for a second season. On June 1, 2007, the Umbilical Brothers announced on their web site that Nickelodeon/Noggin USA were not interested in a second season of The Upside Down Show, despite its critical success. In 2007 the show won the Creative Craft Daytime Emmy Award for Main Title Design[3] and a Parents' Choice Award Silver Honor for Television[4]. The show continues in reruns, but in a late night time slot.