Basketball Season

Today was a big day for our little 10 year old. Jimmy had a skills assessment/basketball try out for a spring basketball league. This will be the first time he will be playing basketball on a team. He plays basketball at school at recess and plays outside with his dad sometimes but really doesn't know the game very well so I was really proud of him to go and give it his best shot. He's really tall so he's got that going for him.

He was intimidated and I was nervous for the both of us. We've never really watched basketball on T.V. unless you consider High School Musical and the Wild Cats who sing and dance while they play...
So he went. And he did great! All of the other kids that were there were veterans and have played in this league before. They knew each other and were comfortable playing and doing the drills.

8 weekly games start on the 26th and I was really surprised when I asked the Coach what days they would be practicing. Umn NO practices. The kids are supposed to practice on their own and then they will have weekly games on Friday nights. Kind of hard to imagine how you learn teamwork and how a "team" sport is played if you don't get any instruction or practice, but OK.

Jimmy's school doesn't have any kind of team sports, being an elementary school, so he doesn't have an opportunity there. What's even worse is that with the severe financial issues of the California school system, they have canceled Physical Ed (and music and the library and arts). This will be an interesting experience for him. So far, he's only participated in sports that are individually based--motocross, skateboarding and karate. He hated tee-ball when he was five.


  1. Are you serious? No Pe, music, art or library? WOW!

  2. That's just at the elementary level! Field trips have been cut and there is no money for buses so parents have to drive. They don't have driver's ed in high school any more and a lot of the electives have been cut or they cost money from the parents...California is in the hole!

  3. I keep waiting for the autism services to get cut!