Losing Sleep...No, Really.

You know me, I'm always complaining about losing sleep and sleep deprivation and not getting enough sleep. Well, tonight is the night I dread all year long. The night where we spring forward so that we can lose yet one more hour of much needed sleep. I don't know one single person who ever complains about getting too much sleep. I don't know that it's even possible. Because for the as long as I can remember, when all else fails you take a nap.

So now for the next couple of weeks, I will have to argue and rationalize with my brain when I look at a clock to automatically realize that no, it's really one hour earlier. Because who are we kidding? Sure the clock may say it's 7:00 am but we know it's really 6:00 am.

Why don't we set our clocks ahead during the middle of the day on a work-day during the week, like on a Wednesday at say 4:00 pm? No. That would make too much sense and be too good to be true. Why would we want to lose one hour during the work day in our favor? Business owners might disagree...Instead we are robbed by this hour when we need it the most, while we sleep...

Do I care that we get more daylight at night? No. It's not like I'm outside enjoying the daylight. I work all day and then have my motherly chores to do and it doesn't much matter if it's light out or dark; things still need to be done. Jimmy might like it, but it's just going to confuse the Doodle and his routine. Not to mention, I have a hard enough time waking him up at 8:00 am to get ready for preschool...now I will be waking him up at 7:00 am! I feel bad for the teachers and his nurse LuLu at school because he's even harder to handle when he's tired and hasn't slept enough.

I can't wait for Fall so that I can get this damn hour back.

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