All I can say is Ugh. Now what? I'm ready to get rid of both of the animals now. In the old days I would just fog the house, but now with the Doodle; I'm a freak about chemicals.

I'm the only one getting bit. I have always had a bad reaction to insect bites: spiders, fleas, and mosquito's. I think I'm allergic.

It's not even flea season...I don't get it.

The dog was treated with Frontline when we picked him up, maybe I washed it off with the couple of baths I gave him??? But I used flea soap.

Then, Coco, the cat, who has also been treated is completely covered in them. We gave her a flea bath tonight and I swear there was at least 50 fleas on her. I think she's the culprit. She hated the bath. And I hated giving it to her; I especially hate the way fur sticks to my tongue...just kidding.

But now I wonder if my whole house is infested?

I called an Avon lady to see if I can get myself some Skin So Soft lotion and bath oil, I heard fleas don't like it...I also heard I should put some Eucalyptus around the house. I went to the health food store and bought some non-toxic food grade Diatomaceous Earth which is a fine white powder you sprinkle in your carpet. Not sure exactly what it does, somehow it sucks the moisture out of the fleas environment and body and they can't live. Then you vacuum it up.

So if you have any super ideas for natural non-toxic flea repellent I would be thrilled to hear about them before I take both pets for a ride.

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