We Figured It Out

This little mutt is a Schipperke mix...

Their small, pointed ears are erect atop the head. Schipperkes are double coated with a soft, fluffy undercoat that is covered by a harsher-feeling and longer outer coat. One of the breed characteristics is a long ruff that surrounds the neck and then a strip trails down towards the rear of the dog. They also have longer coat on their hind legs called culottes.

Dogs of this breed usually weigh between 3 and 9 kg (7 to 20 lb). In countries that have bans on docking, Schipperkes display their natural tails which curve over the back of the dog (if the dog is happy and the tail is long enough).

It has been suggested that the idea of "little sailor" was an invention of the English, who mistook the Schipperke for a Dutch barge dog. With Belgium too often being mistaken for Holland which is in the Netherlands, not Belgium, some reports say they were found frequently as working dogs aboard barges in the canals, with three jobs onboard: security (barking vigorously when anyone approached the barge), keeping the barges free of vermin, and nipping at the towing horses' heels to get them moving to tow the barge. Due to their bravery and adventurous character, not to mention low center of gravity, Schipperkes are to this day known as excellent boat dogs, and are often found cruising the world aboard sailing yachts and powerboats. They are not prone to seasickness.

Known for a stubborn, mischievous and headstrong temperament, the Schipperke is sometimes referred to as the "little black fox", the "Tasmanian black devil", or the "little black devil." They are naturally curious and high-energy dogs, and require ample exercise and supervision. Schipperkes are very smart and independent, and sometimes debate listening to owners, instead choosing to do whatever benefits them the most. First-time dog owners would be well-advised to familiarize themselves with the breed prior to purchase. Schipperkes require training and a secure, fenced-in space to run.

Great. Just what we need...another Tasmanian Devil. Let's see. Today alone, he has pooped in the house, escaped outside and ran across the creek to pester the neighbor's dogs twice. For some strange reason he does not like to go potty outside. What kind of life did this little dog have before us? He is spoiled rotten with people food wants to sit in your lap and jump on the furniture but can't figure out he needs to go potty outside. Now I am going to be potty training two little devils.

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