We had a nice break in the weather here today. The sun came out and makes me long for springtime. It's so pretty in the spring when everything is in bloom. I do love this time of year though because the mustard fields are so beautiful; especially when they are growing in between the bare grape vines in the valley.

We talk about moving out of the state sometimes to somewhere cheaper and slower with more to do and less traffic. But, we love it here and while it's fun to imagine living somewhere new, I think I would miss this place. I was born and raised here and the weather is really nice in Sonoma County.

I think I get the itch to move sometimes because I feel so sheltered here. I've never traveled much or seen much of the United States and I can't help but wonder what's out there or what it might be like starting over in a completely new place. Then reality sets in and I think about Jimmy and how much he loves it here and the great autism services we are getting for the Doodle. Maybe if we just took more trips I could get it out of my system, I'm not getting any younger...but it's not practical to think we could travel with the Doodle. Here's just one reminder of why...

I took him to Home Depot today and wanted to throw myself off a bridge. We pulled up to Home Depot and I remembered how they had the great little orange race car carts for kids with the steering wheel. I thought to myself, "Self, this is a great idea". The Doodle was so excited to see it, he ran as fast as he could to get into it. It was great but I had a return and part of the deal is you can't stop the fun with him. As soon as I stopped the cart it was freak out melt down tongue out screaming. Not your mild-oh-I-want-my-way-cry like they might be used to but a five alarm screaming tantrum to where Home Depot employees were now approaching me asking if everything was ok or if there was anything they can do. So we had to leave and as I drove home almost in tears I passed by some really beautiful mustard fields and vines.

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