Chasing Jammies

Everything you wanted to know but were afraid to ask just in case you find yourself babysitting the Doodle:

You might say the Doodle is very particular about things. Besides wanting everything his way, he has certain and specific things he likes to do and wear and feel.

He has a lot of sensory issues. He likes deep pressure and likes to be massaged; don't we all?

He loves to wear cotton jammie pants. They're his clothing of choice and he especially loves to have his knees rubbed when he's wearing his jammie pants. He doesn't like to have his knees rubbed if he is bare skinned or in shorts...just jammies.

If you're ever feeling brave and wander over for a visit, you'll more than likely witness the Doodle put his hand in my shirt. No, he's not feeling me up. He loves to have his hand rubbed through the fabric of my shirt; or your shirt because he's not in any way picky about the shirt or person wearing the shirt, it's all about rubbing his hand.

And if you're feeling extra ambitious and you're rubbing his hand that's down your shirt, you'll get extra points if you rub his knee with your OTHER hand.
Be sure to lock the pantry and bathroom doors. You don't even want to know...that's another blog post.
He likes his Very Vanilla Soy Silk milk somewhere between scalding and really hot. Don't worry, if it's not warm enough and to his liking he will send it back to the kitchen.

Being autistic, there isn't a lot of things you can give to a Doodle to reward him. He doesn't much like toys so to bribe him with a toy or threaten to take a toy away doesn't work. He doesn't get it. He's never had candy so that's not going to work. Things he's most passionate about right now are Doritos, dvds, the channel changer and hugs. But they have to be hugs like you mean it, no wimpy hugs. Don't be shy, give him a big squeeze.

Oh and be sure to wear your Keds. He loves to be chased and if he's wearing his cotton jammies and being chased, even better. He'll be your friend for life.
The Doodle can clear a room...He's a pretty regular little guy and isn't bashful about doing his business. If you happen to see him get quiet and he's not obsessing about something, pretty good chance he's pooping. You'll know by the fresh aroma waifing through the air. We throw the poopy pants on the porch. Yes, the porch. It keeps the ware wolves away.
A little tip when changing his pants. He knows how to make himself pee so you'll want to be really quick about getting a diaper on him right away...he thinks it's funny and likes to watch the pee come out. No, he has no interest in using the toilet. He hates it. Screams and won't go. But, if you're feeling like the Doodle Whisperer and want to take a crack at potty training him while you're here, be my guest.

I hope you like Yo Gabba Gabba and Dora the Explorer, just don't plan on getting much sleep.

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