Oh Sure. Any Minute Now.

It seems, everyone I happen to run into are all very sweet to ask me how the Doodle is doing.

"He's doing great", I excitedly reply. Then almost on cue, I get the following question...

"Is he talking yet?"

"Uhm, no", I have to say.

Then I get the look. It's a look somewhere between a bolt of shock and deep pity but never hard at all to read.

Am I sensitive to this? Yes. Why? Because the Doodle is going to be turning 4 and is not talking or anywhere really close and this is really worrisome because I have to face reality that he may never, ever speak.

It's hard because he knows so much but cannot verbalize any of it and it breaks my heart. Not just for me...because this isn't about me. But for him and what that would mean for his Life. It's going to be hard enough with his challenges of epilepsy and autism...not being able to speak is going to be one more Giant burden for this little man.

I need to embrace the fact that I have a very handicapped little boy. Hiding my head in the sand isn't going to do anyone any favors.

Then, after the uncomfortable silence and if they aren't brain dead they can sense my disappointment and frustration. That's when they assure me that any day now we are going to see a HUGE explosion of language and communication. And then they proceed to tell me that a friend of a friend's brother's nephew's cousin once removed didn't talk until he was 6 which is supposed to make me feel better or give me some kind of hope.

They keep talking, in a nervous almost uncontrollable chatter...They'll quip, "Oh, he will. He'll talk. Any day now. He's just a late talker."

Hmph. Really? Because I would love it if he was just a "late talker" and that's all this was.

So, that's when I smile politely and change the subject to the unbelievable price of gasoline.

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  1. Lucky for you gasoline is ridiculous so you always have something to talk about!

    I know exactly where you are coming from. All I can say is hang in there. (((hugs)))) He may talk and he may not but that doesn't change the fact that he has an awesome mom!