I Sold Out for Easy

So it turns out I'm not as crazy as you may think.

We went and looked at rescue dogs today to see about fostering one in our home for a while. We had in our minds we were going to go for a mutt mix puppy, and oh how cute the puppies were. Tiny, adorable, lovable, clumsy with that awful puppy breath I wanted to take them all. I started getting cold sweats regretting it already and then Jimmy saw another dog he liked more than the puppies and the dog he liked better was 2 years old, potty and crate trained and perfectly polite and sweet. Whew! I breathed a sigh of relief. No training these just 8 week old puppies! No sleepless nights listening to the puppy cry, it's hard enough with a Doodle. Then I had visions of just getting the Doodle to sleep and having a new puppy crying or barking and waking him up!

Imagine my joy when Jimmy picked out Jesse, a calm Spitz mix. Mixed with what you might ask? Well, unfortunately, Chihuahua. This dog is not easy on the eyes and might just be one of the homeliest dogs I have ever seen. But that's OK because he is really EASY and I'm a sell out for easy.

And what kind of values would I be instilling in my son if I told him we couldn't take Jesse home because he wasn't cute enough? Remember, never judge a book by it's cover and looks aren't everything and beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Right?

The other plus is that we haven't adopted this dog yet. We are technically "fostering" it to see what it's like to have a dog at all, ugly or cute. They sent us home with dog food, a crate and a leash. This is just a trial thing.

The Doodle has absolutely zero interest in the dog. It may as well be a rock. That's it. Problem solved, we can get a pet rock:)

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