Am I Crazy?

Yes. But at least I know it and I'm not living in denial. Jimmy has been wanting a puppy or a dog and while the idea of it sounds romantic, do I really want to take on taking care of something else? One more thing to worry about?

One plus is that because of the Doodle, we don't get the luxury of traveling any more. We used to go camping and on short weekend we might go to the races or Lake Sonoma for the day and if we had a dog, it could go too.

The other plus is that I work from home. So the dog won't be stuck outside all day for 10 hours while we're at work.

The other plus is that I keep hearing how great dogs are for autistic children. Some dogs can even sense a seizure before it happens or alert you after a seizure has happened.

Does it sound like I'm talking myself into this? Uhm. Yes. I also like the "idea" and I use that term loosely, that Jimmy will learn to take care of something and learn some responsibility.

The problem is, Jimmy and Jim have two completely different ideas of their ideal dog. Jim wants a great big watch dog with a mean bark...and Jimmy wants a lap dog. Me? I could go either way.

Another problem? I'm sure Coco the cat isnt't going to like it too much. I can see I'm going to be getting some push back from her on this...

A big issue would be our yard. It's not dog friendly. Even though we live on 22 acres, it's not fenced for a dog. I imagine letting the dog go outside to run for the first time and it taking off and never looking back like in that scene in the movie Funny Farm with Chevy Chase and his dog.

So, crazy me, we've been to a few of the shelters because it would seem better to SAVE a dog but I keep stopping short...for one reason or another.

It would be nice to have an adult dog, already potty trained and mellow but when you get it from a shelter you have no idea about it's background. Maybe it bit someone or hates cats or kills sheep or is a just never know.

A puppy you can mold and train to fit in with your family. You know it's complete history although it's going to pee and poo everywhere and chew up your favorite shoes.

Such a dilemma.

I also worry that we will invest, and yes, I do mean invest in a dog and Jimmy will be tired of it after a few weeks. Then what? Then I get to listen to my husband tell me "I TOLD YOU SO".

So, I came up with a brilliant plan. To "foster" a puppy. We will be fostering a rescue puppy (because puppies are the hardest). Jimmy will have to take care of it and the Rescue Agency pays for all the food, crate, etc. WE just have to provide a warm, safe and loving place for the puppy to live until it's ready to be adopted. The Rescue Agency does all of the application process and adopts the dogs out...unless we fell in love with the puppy, then we would have first rights to adopt it.

So? Am I crazy? Meet Olive.

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