A New Reality Show

Well sure there's Nanny 911 where the proper British woman all buttoned up goes into the home of "normal" out of control children and improves the dynamics of the relationships and bad behavior...

There's also the Birkenstock wearing Dog Whisperer who takes unruly dogs and turns things around with their owners and everyone comes out happier, more patient and wiser.

I'd like to propose a new reality show where a Professional Autism Behaviorist comes into the home with a child on the autism spectrum and makes things all better. OK, maybe just a little better. It would be 911 meets Dog Whisperer meets Survivor. I'd like Jeff Probst to be the Host, except we wouldn't be on any tropical islands for this.

We could have specific challenges for the professional, things like cutting the child's hair, getting the child to drink something other than Very Vanilla Soy Milk, and potty train the child. My favorite challenge might be getting an insomniac autistic child who refuses to sleep to go to sleep--that would really interest me. Or maybe teaching a completely nonverbal child how to talk or play with toys; things parents with normal children take completely for granted. I'd love to see more on how to discipline an autistic child who hits you in the face with a very skilled one--two punch combination and then rips your glasses off or throws everything he can onto the floor.

It might be an interesting show to watch for parents of autistic children but also for parents of normal children because it would give them something to be grateful for. By the end of the show, the parents of the normal children would be in tears feeling so blessed to not have the challenges that parents of autistic children are faced with. And the parents of autistic children watching might not feel so isolated and alone. Because, let's face it, parenting is hard enough without the autism.

I would gladly volunteer to be the Pilot show, the Doodle's epilepsy and antiseizure medication would just be a bonus for the viewers. They'd have their work cut out that's for sure.

I know this probably sounds more like a fantasy show but what the hey...
Have your agent call my agent and we'll do lunch.

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