Bunco Night!

Tonight was my first time ever playing Bunco.

My mom is in two Bunco groups and since it was her turn to have it and she needed a sub, I was it. It was really fun. 12 women get together once a month for dinner and chit chat...it costs $10 to play but it all goes into the winning kitty. I didn't win anything, but I did get two Buncos. If you don't know what Bunco is or how Bunco is played then that won't mean anything to you. Besides being a fun way to get together with friends and eat Jelly Beans, it's a little like nonthreatening gambling because you can win money. It's also a great way to get to know people because you move around from 3 different tables all night depending on if you win or lose so you're costantly changing the group at your table.

There's lots of bells ringing and dice rolling and yelling going on. Some people get pretty excited when they get a Bunco.

Different groups play different ways and some give prizes instead of money. Some groups have theme nights and some play it where it's a drinking game and you have to do a shot every time you hit a Bunco; I heard they call that one, Drunko.

My cousin and I are thinking now of putting together a Bunco Group. Except I'm not sure we know 12 interested, responsible people who would want to do it.

I was just a sub, but after playing tonight, I can see why it is such a rage across the country and why thousands of women do this Bunco thing. Plus, I just like saying the word...BUNCO.

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