Warning Labels

Children should come with warning labels, and I guess they do. Growing up, you see all kinds of children out in public and you even get to meet some if you're lucky and paying attention.

Then, like most, you plan and fantasize about having a perfectly normal happy and healthy family. As a little girl it was my job to aspire to marry Prince Charming and have a litter of beautiful well behaved children.

But to have a child, an Autistic Child, well, you don't really imagine it happening to YOU. What are the odds, right? I never paid much attention to the statistic 1 in 90 boys is born with autism when I was pregnant. I was too worried about having a child with Down Syndrome or having a healthy child. I had all the tests.I wanted to know in advance, I guess so that I would know what to expect. Sadly, there's no prenatal or genetic test to do in advance to tell if you are going to have an autistic child or a child that will develop epilepsy.

You just never know.

This sign says it all for trying to parent an autistic child; for me anyway.

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