Where Can I Get One of These?

At first I was thinking I'm in need of one for myself, but then I started wondering if they might make them in, say, a 4T.

Not sure what is up with the Doodle but every night, around the witching hour, he turns into a full blown maniac. He refuses to settle down and go to sleep. He goes to sleep with no problem and it doesn't matter what time he goes to sleep at first: eight, nine, ten o'clock. He sleeps soundly for about an hour. We'll call that, his "cat nap" then he startles himself awake, has some questionable seizure activity, wakes up thinking it morning time. It's impossible to get him back down. He wants to watch cartoons and get out of bed and won't take no for an answer. He's been going crazy and getting violent and it's time like these when I really question my sanity and ability to be a good parent.

He's kicking and screaming and hitting and thrashing his 40 pounds around the bed with all his might. He's so mad, he stares at me right in the eyes and screams as loud as he possibly can. He cries and cries and nothing will calm him. Pretty soon his heart rate is up and then Jim worries he's going to get so upset he has a seizure.

After fighting him and physically restraining him for over 3 agonizing hours last night, he finally gave up and went to sleep. Now you know where he and I get our matching dark circles under our eyes.

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