The Doodle's favorite part about a birthday isn't the presents or the people, it's the cake. And not even to eat it.

Our little Pyro is fascinated with fire. He loves the candles and even though he can't blow out the candles, he likes to have the song sung to him and then he closes his eyes and (we) blow out the candles for him and then everyone claps their hands and then he claps feeling all special like he blew the candles out. If it were up to him we would do this all day.

It's cute the first 96 times...and then I want the cake to go away. But I feel bad because he seems to like it so much and I hate taking away the few things he loves but he goes crazy on them to the point of him not enjoying it anymore but freaking out on it. And that's a fine line between happy and crazy OCD.

It's quite a process and I never realized it before but that song is kind of long. So, all day we had to sing Happy Birthday and blow out the candles. I finally hid the cake from him, but he later found it and you know what that means...either you light the freaking candles and sing some more or we have a huge freak out melt down.

No more birthdays for a while please.

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