Nothing comes easy.

Lately, everything seems to come with a fight. Not that these things aren't worth a fight because they are. I just never imagined my life in this place and fighting for the things I am fighting for.

Fighting with doctors.

Fighting with schools.

Fighting for appointments and tests.

Fighting for benefits.

Fighting technicalities.

Fighting for quality medical care that doesn't border on malpractice.

Fighting for answers.

Fighting for integrity and accountability.

Fighting for limited services and having to wait months to get them for my child with special needs.

Fighting for what is right, for things that shouldn't have to be fought for.

Fighting to catch my breath in between fights.

Fighting for things like ethical conduct and promises made and even put in writing.

No one ever said it was going to be easy.

But it wasn't supposed to be this complicated either. When did the "professionals" stop looking out for the best interest of the child?

I'm not a meek and fragile person by any stretch. I've got some fight, especially when I feel taken advantage of. I guess I'll see them in the ring.

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