Got a certified letter today from the one and only Dr. Julie Griffith in San Rafael, California. At first I thought maybe she was apologizing for being such a horrible doctor and overprescribing him medication which most likely caused his head drop seizures and for also misdiagnosing him with so many different diseases in our very first consultation at her office where she had the nerve to charge us $1687. Then I remembered she has no integrity.

It was a letter from her threatening me with a lawsuit for slander. Apparently she didn't like my report I wrote about her, documenting the facts, regarding our consultation at Rip Off Report.com:


The thing is, it is my right to have an opinion and it is my right to report, write and talk about my account of the appointment and it's outcome. There's this beautiful thing called the Bill of Rights and Freedom of Speech. Does she really think she can censor me? Wait until she finds out I've contacted ABC News - Finney on your side. How about my complaint I filed with the Medical Board, is that too slander? What about all of the people who have "opinions" about our President and public figures?

Yes, I wrote her back. And yes I will send it to Dr. Griffith certified mail.

On one level I was really ready to just pay the bad doctor, chalk it up to a learning experience and move on. But after this latest threat, I think I will now appeal the small claims judgement in Superior Court and sue this fraud of a Doctor for the over prescribing of medication, the misdiagnosis and malpractice and numerous HIPPA laws she has violated.

I should have done it a long time ago and I've got nothing but time.

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