A Lazy Sunday Afternoon

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With the day completely to ourselves, Jim and I took a nice leisurely drive out to the coast by way of the cute town of Occidental. We stopped at a local deli and got some lunch and drove out to Bodega Bay on Coleman Valley Road--an absolutely beautiful drive; even on a dreary and grey rainy day. Jim found some hills to climb in his little Wrangler. He's like a big kid wanting to play in the mud, so we went four wheeling and covered the Jeep in mud. We happened upon a heard of cows who looked rather amused at my impulse to get out and take their picture. I popped my new Tim McGraw cd in the dash and we drove and talked like two old women in a sewing circle or rather like two kids in love.
We stopped at the Saint Teresa DeAvila's Church in the tiny town of Bodega--where some of Alfred Hitchcock's The Birds was filmed. My uncle bought us a book that tells of all the Alfred Hitchcock movies filmed in the Bay Area with lots of behind the scenes notes.
He's quoted as saying to the San Francisco Chronicle,
"Many filmakers forget how important georgraphy is to a story. I chose Bodega Bay because I wanted an isolated group of people who
lived near an articulate community. Bodega Bay is a place where
sophisticated San Franciscans drive to spend the weekend. The location
provided the combination we wanted."
To top my day off Jim agreed to stop and let me peruse a couple of my favorite Antique shops along the way, Revival and the Rose and Thorn. We headed home through Sebastopol and stopped at Starbucks for a mocha. It was a perfectly relaxing, stress-free, rainy Sunday afternoon.

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