Baby It's Cold Outside...and so Rainy

And, we have a cold. The Doodle is sick again. Every other week he's sick. I'm not sure what is going on with that little guy's immune system. No fever this time. Just your every day runny nose cold and cough.

The cold hasn't seemed to keep him down. He's got enough energy to throw his macaroni and cheese on the floor.

He doesn't really go anywhere except for preschool and none of us are sick so where he keeps getting infected with these virus's is a mystery.

Tomorrow's our big IEP meeting that the district called to try to justify getting rid of our nurse Lulu or maybe take the Doodle out of the medically fragile class because of his bad behavior. I'm not really sure what they are going to say; I feel a little bit blindsided. What I do know is that I have a letter from the Doodle's doctor at UCSF that recommends keeping the nurse since we have not completely controlled all of the Doodle's seizure activity and it's only been four months with the improvement in the head drops.

My hand written and signed by all IEP clearly states that we should have the nurse through this school year which is why I think this IEP is going to be about re-placing him somewhere else. Technically we are in a different school district, but because they couldn't accommodate a medically fragile child, they transferred us to a different school district that could.

I'll keep you posted with the results from tomorrow's meeting.

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