Our Doodle is sick.

And tired.

And sick and tired of being sick and tired.

And not at all his usual terror-self...wreaking havoc all over the house. I think it's been a couple of days now since he purposely broke something.

His fever has been coming and going between 99 and 102.
He just wants to be held.

He's not sleeping well, which means none of us are.

Now he has a cough to go nicely with his fever.

He got up for the first time today in a couple of days and pushed his little shopping cart around.

He's pretty sad.

He wanted nothing to do with getting his picture taken in his new soft and padded hat.

There's nothing worse than having a sick child. My heart aches for him and I'm pretty sure he doesn't understand why he feels so crummy. He's been holding the back of his head. And I'm trying not to think the worst. I'm hoping it's just a minor headache.
We're giving him Tylenol around the clock, hoping to break the fever before any seizures can come through. Hopefully we're on the way out of this. And hopefully, none of us get this; whatever this is.

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  1. poor Doodle! What always helped bring down Logan's high fevers was rotating Motrin and Advil every 4 hours. Does he like popsicles?