Big Day Tomorrow

Setting the alarm again for 6:00 am, this time I will have the right day at least for court tomorrow.

Tomorrow we will go before the judge and I will ask for a new hearing because I stupidly wrote the wrong date down for the last small claims hearing.

I'm sure Dr. Julie Griffith of San Rafael, CA will be there bright eyed and bushy tailed to argue why I shouldn't get to be heard, even though we have a very strong case. She has already won by default, technically.

I will be there too with all 185 pages of documentation in my binder which I prepared.

If the judge will not allow our motion based on my mistake, I will be appealing this.

There is no way I am going to let this woman who calls herself a Doctor get away with overcharging for services by alarming the patient and misdiagnosing them in order to keep them in her office longer.

Other people are now coming forward stating similar situations of misdiagnosing with this doctor and it's not right; especially when children are involved.

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