Under the Weather

Date night last night was canceled because the Doodle is sick.
Not sure how he got sick this time since we have barely left the house and he hasn't been in school...no one else is sick around here. But, he's got a 101 fever which feels more like 105 degrees since he insists on laying on top of me with that big, hot head of his. He started getting sick yesterday afternoon and by evening he was feeling pretty crummy. Nobody got any sleep, he was up crying and hallucinating most of the night. I would say seizure activity was up but I can't be 100% sure. I hate it when he's sick because I fear the seizures will come back. Fevers induce seizures in already seizure prone children (and adults). So, I sit here, waiting and watching and hoping for the best. It's Tylenol and extra hugs around here while we wait for his fever to break.

We had Nurse Lulu today so Jim and I went to Olive Garden for lunch and then to see a matinee...we saw, It's Complicated with Meryl Streep and Alec Baldwin and were both pleasantly surprised. It was a great movie--lots of laughs and Alec Baldwin was perfectly cast. Nothing like a good movie on a grey Sunday afternoon, just the two of us.

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