Zero to Bratty in 3 Seconds

The Doodle has always had a mind of his own when it comes to wanting what he wants when he wants it. The term "patience" is completely lost on him; he can't tell when he has to wait five seconds or three minutes for something he wants, it doesn't matter--it's a wait and he doesn't like it. Something else the Doodle doesn't like is to be told NO.

Lately we have had the Devil reincarnated in the form of a Doodle Bug. He walks around the house just looking for mischief to get into. You can see it in his eyes. And when you try to redirect him when he's acting out or you try to get him to deviate from his evil little plans, he melts down and has a lovely tantrum he does where he looks for the most damaging thing he can throw onto the floor. If there is nothing too readily available to destroy, he will throw himself on the floor.

His new favorite thing to do is get things out of the refrigerator, freezer or pantry. He's a dumper. He likes to dump things out. He likes to run with things he's not supposed to too. He runs away, down the hall and into a bedroom and looks you straight in the face and slams the door as hard as he can. He thinks it fun. He thinks it's a game.

Terrible 3's? Yes. Autism? Perhaps. Degenerative Genetic Personality Disorder? Hmmmm.

After one of his zero to bratty in 3 second tantrums, he quickly recovers but we make him stand in the corner now. All we have to say is, "You want to go in the corner?" or "That's it! Go stand in the corner". And he runs right over to the corner by the front door and he puts both hands on the wall and he looks at us to make sure we are watching him and he stands there for a bout 3 seconds and then comes out - smiling that devilish grin, scanning the house for something else to break into pieces or get into.

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