Bring It On Dr. Julie Griffith!

I got a little visit from the Sheriff's Department. Nothing gets the heart rate up like answering the door to see a uniformed Sheriff standing there and their Sheriff's car parked in my driveway. Of course the first thing that popped into my brain was that Jim had been in some kind of terrible car accident and this was my notification...or that maybe there was some kind of Short Bus accident and the Doodle was killed. Or that there was an incident of some kind at Jimmy's school, maybe hostages were taken...but No, thank goodness it was none of these things. I was just being served Small Claim's Court Papers by that Nutcase who calls herself a Doctor in Marin, Dr. Julie Griffith.

This is the doctor who tried her hardest to alarm us and who misdiagnosed the Doodle as having a severe birth defect and brain malformation called Dandy Walker; which was later discovered after three more opinions that HE DID NOT HAVE IT--after many sleepless nights. This is the doctor who charged me $1687 for an initial consultation and refused to bill our insurance. This is the woman who over-dosed the Doodle by putting him on 2 additional anti-seizure medications in April where he could not walk or function, sat in a chair staring at the wall, drooling and started having a brand new type of HEAD DROP SEIZURE, then refused to speak with me about his adverse reaction to the medication she prescribed him unless I paid her $400 per hour for a phone appointment!!! This is the doctor who told me the Doodle was not autistic but might have Lyme disease and another genetic disease, which according to her meant that my mom and I both had too. All of these incorrect and devastating diagnosis ended up being a ploy on her part to get us to come back into her office for $500 per hour so that she could "explain" our diagnosis to us. PUH-LEASE.

I filed a complaint against Dr. Julie Griffith located in San Rafael, CA with the California Medical Board with regard to her unethical practices.

Since my mom had put the $1687 charge on her credit card, after we discovered what a FRAUD she was, we disputed the charge. After 5 months of back and forth and having to prove our case to the credit card company, including providing a statement of misdiagnosis from our real neurologist, we won the dispute and did NOT have to pay this negligent and crooked doctor one cent.

So. Now she has decided to take me to small claims court. I CAN'T WAIT. After getting over the initial, HOW DARE HER...I am actually thrilled to get to face her in court. It is my hope that the Judge will see her actions as negligent and borderline criminal and come to a decision in our favor.

I have already heard from a few other people, after the fact, that Dr. Julie Griffith is a money grubbing alarmist doctor. Dr. Julie Griffith is a DAN Doctor, one of the only DAN Doctors in our area - which is how I came to find her. DAN stands for Defeat Autism Now, and DAN Doctors work specifically with Autistic Children in attempt to "recover" them with diet, vitamins, detoxification and the like. DAN Doctors test the children for things like metals, food allergies, vitamin deficiencies, bacteria, yeast build up, etc. It is disgusting and appalling to me that this Doctor preys on the vulnerability of parents with children with autism and special needs. She gives parents the false hope that their child can be cured of Autism if they see her for weekly appointments at $500 per hour and buy her overpriced supplements and pay thousands of dollars in lab testing for things like Lyme Disease.

Dr. Griffith ought to have her license suspended for her misconduct, not just with me but other people as well. She has no business treating patients, especially innocent children.

I am not afraid of confrontation, especially when I feel I am in the right. I am actually counting down the days to see this Woman, who has the audacity to call herself a Doctor, in court; she has no idea who she is engaging in battle.


  1. omg, so sorry about what this Doctor did to you..I was under the assumption she treated Lyme Disease thank God I googled her name and read this horrible story..if she can do that to a two year old baby I can't imainge what she is capable sorry I hope she get's her karma

  2. Hi Kristen, unfortunately, Julie Griffith diagnoses almost everyone she meets with Lyme Disease. She likes to diagnose this one and other serious diagnoses so that you'll keep coming back for more treatment. She diagnosed my mom and I with mitochrondrial disease by just looking at us and we weren't even the ones there to be evaluated.