Daylight Savings

It takes my brain a while to adjust to the changing of the clock. My eyes see that the clock clearly says 7:02 pm but in my heart, I know it's really 8:02 pm. I will play this game with my self for a few days until I forget about this whole daylight savings thing and stop remembering what time it really is.

Jimmy got a Wii for his birthday. So it's been nonstop Wii fun around here; add candy for breakfast and you have the makings of a happy 10 year old.

This weekend went by way to fast. I need another 9-12 hours in the day to feel like I can catch up. And wouldn't it be nice to designate five or so hours more of sleep each night. I'm just saying.
Sundays are great for doing a whole lot of nothing. Went to a matinee today, it's hard to top Vince Vaughn and chocolate. Then we stopped by the grocery store and I made a taco casserole. Stay tuned for more excitement and random ramblings from Doodleville.

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