Happy Halloween

We didn't take the Doodle trick or treating this year but we still dressed him up like a puppy because that's what good parents do. We put our children in heavy, scratchy acrylic material fake fur things so that we can take pictures and in my case, I can scrap them. So he had to stay home because he was pretty sick last night and I didn't want to risk him getting worse or infecting any of the other kiddos.

He was fine with the Doggie suit until it was time to put the doggie head on. Then he turned on me like a pack of...you guessed it...dogs.

So I took Jimmy trick or treating down MacDonald Avenue with his cousins. And of course Jimmy refused to be something cute, since he's 10 now. He had to be something scary with a bloody weapon. He was Michael Meyers from Halloween. When he told me he wanted to be Michael Meyers I thought he meant the comedienne from Saturday Night Live who did Wayne's World and I was fine with that. Apparently, I don't know as much as think I do about things.

Jimmy likes it when I dress up, so not to disappoint...I went as my usual. Not a big stretch, already had the broom. For some reason I look like a battered Witch and I kept slamming my witches hat in the car door and it kept getting stuck in the trees.
This year there were more people than I have ever seen there before, definitely in the thousands. The streets were officially closed to cars and there was a DJ in the front yard at one of the houses, so you know I was all over that. We danced. Oh yes we did.
Since Jim stayed home with the Doodle, I had to find a substitute date. His name was Bill and he was the life of the party. He would not shut his mouth the whole night.
I mean, he couldn't shut it. It was stuck that way.
I think we made a smashing couple. People really took notice with
his commanding personality and my green face.

Pretty frightening, I know.

Afterward, we went to Chevy's and ate a late dinner and drank Shirley Temples. I must go now and inspect all of Jimmy's Halloween candy to ensure complete safety. I will randomly select the Kit Kats, Whoppers, Peanut M&Ms and the Cherry Starburst to make sure it is all OK to eat and has not been tainted in any way. Because that is the kind of Excellent Parent I am.

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