Meet the Sickies

Jimmy was sick a couple of weeks ago and still has a lingering cough.

The Doodle was sick a couple of weeks ago and hasn't been quite the same since.

Now, I am sick. Sick and tired. Sick and tired of being sick and tired. Could this be the H1N1? Could we have the Swine Flu? Hmmmm. Well, I can tell you this. You won't find out with a trip to the Doctor.

I went to the Doctor yesterday afternoon and gave them all of my symptoms: headache, chills, fever, aches, cough, sore throat, swollen lymph nodes...

I'm dying to know. Do I have it? Oh no. What if?

But, apparently, they don't test you to see unless they are going to hospitalize you. The doctor gave me a prescription for Tamiflu and sent me on my way. So now I don't know. Is this the flu or is it "the flu". Am I going to die? Did I just infect my entire family? Or did I catch this from Jimmy or the Doodle to begin with?

So many unanswered questions. Like, what is Jim eating to shield himself from all of this sickness? What kind of special vitamins or antibodies is he taking? Why the heck isn't he flat on his back with the rest of us?

So the Doodle woke up in a horrible little mood this morning and wanted nothing to do with the short bus when it got here. He clung to me like an acrylic sock in a dried load of laundry with no Bounce. He's sick. Again. My HUGEST worry when the Doodle gets sick is that he's going to get a fever that's going to trigger his seizures. The nurse left today because she's afraid of getting it too.

Last year the Doodle missed Halloween and trick or treating because of his broken leg. This year, the flu. To top it all off, today is Jimmy's real 10th birthday and I feel so bad that I am sick and not going to be able to take him out to dinner and a movie like he wanted. I missed the Halloween parade at his school and the party in classroom and I'm supposed to be a Room Mother. I had to send the drinks and goody bags with someone else.

It sucks being sick when you're a parent.

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