Biting My Nose Off

My grandma used to use the saying, "Don't Bite Your Nose off to Spite Your Face". But sometimes too much is too much and you're left with a half a nose.

Doodle Bug has a Shape Aid who works him three days a week at the house. Mind you, this is not Betsy, our previous Shape Aid who worked with the Doodle for over a year prior to her getting laid off. Thanks budget cuts, but anyway, we've had several shape aids come through the house over the last few months because some were part time or some were summer time help or some were just temporary. Right now we have two, one nice lady that comes on Monday and Friday and another one that came on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Let me just say, I plan my entire day around the Doodle's preschool and Shape appointment schedules. I have to be home, I have to make other arrangements to pick up Jimmy from school, etc.

Since the first week of September we've had two new shape aids. One of them I love, the other, not so much. I never had a great feeling about her. She blurts out inappropriate comments, she was lazy and barely worked with the Doodle, she never stayed her allotted time and she called in sick. A lot.

She called in sick again today, maybe the tenth time in two months and I had just finally had IT. She sent me a text message that she wasn't coming. So I text messaged her back that she shouldn't come next week either, or ever again and to take care of herself. I immediately called her supervisor and told her that I was pretty much done. That it is easier for all concerned on the days she's not here.

I did the math in my head and figured the Doodle isn't losing out on that much...when she was here she didn't or couldn't engage him anyway, so there was a lot of just sitting and staring and she'd chase him a little and then he'd run to me and wave his best goodbye to her. She would take that goodbye wave and say, "Welp, I guess he's all done. I'm going to go now." and then she'd leave 1 or 1 1/2 hours early. So what is he really losing?

They are supposed to be giving us another Shape Aid in the meantime. I think. Or maybe we are just waiting for our Betsy to get hired back. Either way it will be better and easier.

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