Top 10 Doodle Bug Career Choices

Watching our little maniac arc around the house all day destroying things has brought me to wonder what he might be like in five years, or ten years or fifteen years. Will he always be throwing things on the floor and tearing books? Will we have to confine him to a padded room when he's nine?

Even though he's only 3 years old, I've come up with some possible career choices for the Doodle Bug:

  1. A Mailman or Gardner since he loves to push carts.

  2. A Doorman since he loves to open and close doors.

  3. A Chef since he spends so much time in the refrigerator and the pantry.

  4. An Artist since he enjoys coloring on the walls, tv, fireplace and furniture.

  5. Hugh Heffner since he loves being in his jammies.

  6. A Male Stripper since he can't keep his pants on.

  7. An Operator since he loves to push buttons on things and turns lights on and off.

  8. A Movie Theater Attendant/Ticket Tearer since he loves to rip things in half.

  9. A Circus Act since he is such a little dare devil and has no fear of heights.

  10. A Star Running Back because he takes things he's not supposed to and runs so fast and can maneuver through things so well. And because he likes wearing his helmet.
Whatever he decides to do in life I'm pretty sure he will be working the grave yard shift since he's a little insomniac with a sleeping disorder.

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