So. Tired. But, So Worth It.

I haven't pulled an all-nighter in a while. God Bless Red Bull.

Today was the first of two days of my annual holiday gift boutique. It was a great success--although a lot of work. More work this time than I ever remember. I remember the good old days when I could crank out the baskets and crafts over a period of time. But now. With a Doodle running amok, it makes it a little less convenient to take my time getting things together. I can't take over the house with baskets and stuff for weeks before. Now, it seems, I need to slam it all together in 48 hours.

So, one down. One more day to go. I forgot what it felt like to have a store and as much as I miss it, working my tail off to do these sales once a year wipes me out and I don't know how I ever managed running a store at all.

Thank goodness for my mom. She was a huge help and stayed up with me last night until 2:00am pricing and putting things out. My visiting cousin from San Francisco even helped out with pricing and sweeping! I had quite the all night crew chipping in.

I had lots of people stop by. This year I'm donating a portion of my proceeds to the Autism Speaks Foundation. Let's hope lots and lots of people come by tomorrow or I guess you know what you'll be getting this year for Christmas from me. Right. A gift basket.

It was pizza for dinner a bath and I cleared a path through my piles of neglected dirty laundry to get to bed. But before I could turn around and climb into the bed I just made, the Doodle (who loves to open twist off caps now) reached over to the nightstand where I keep my bottle of water and dumped it out on my bed. On my side.

Good night...

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