Doodle Bug with his socks on his hands during the Thanksgiving Blessing.

We had a nice Thanksgiving with lots of relatives over this year at my moms house. It's so nice that all we have to do is walk next door and everything is magically prepared. The Doodle was a little manic, maybe a little more than usual because of the crowd of people or maybe it's because we've upped his dosage of Depakote-to try to control some of the night time seizures. Or maybe it's just our usual ramped up Doodle.

We had aunts and uncles and cousins and a ton of great food and Margaritas. All the Doodle would eat was the mashed potatoes. We had a little melt down and push-back from the kids about having to eat at the kids table. None of the kids wanted to sit at the kids table which was just four feet away. I remember always having to sit at the kids table and liking it.

So all in all, Thanksgiving was delicious and fun. It's nice to have a family to be thankful for and I'm very thankful for my family.

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