I'm warning you. This is some Pulitzer Prize winning stuff I'm churning out now. Please. Hold your applause until the end.

The Doodle should have a new nick-name...Can you guess what that might be?


Doesn't matter where we are, he has a sixth sense as to where the puddles might be and heads straight for them without hesitation. Sometimes he stomps. Sometimes he sits. Sometimes he runs. But always he finds them, without fail. After a hard rain, Jim will spend hours sweeping up the puddles because he knows once we break the seal on the front door and unleash the Doodle he will run straight for the puddles. After Jim has swept up the puddles, we are almost guaranteed another good rain. Thanks Jim.

Yesterday I wrote about his sudden need to help out around the house. Today he went into the pantry and here's what he came out with. He's a very busy boy.

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