The Mail Man

One of the Doodle's favorite things to do is push his little carts around the house and yard. Since he was 14 months old, he's been pushing carts. Jim and I have often joked that he's grooming himself to be a Mailman or Gardner/lawn mower.

We were right!

Tonight Jim was sorting the mail and walked the Doodle over to where my mom keeps her mail in the Granny Unit (since they are traveling). He had the Doodle helping him deliver it and putting the mail in it's special place.

The Doodle couldn't have been happier or more helpful.

Later, Jim found another piece of mail and carefully told the Doodle Bug to take the mail over to Grammy's House. Without batting an eye, the Doodle took the piece of mail and ran next door--clutching the letter to his chest as if it was a million dollar check. Jim, of course, followed him to watch--and the Doodle was so proud of himself for taking the letter next door and remembering where it went. Along the way he had to first open the door and turn on the right lights...He kept turning around and making sure Jim was right behind him and to make sure he was proud of him.

This might not seem like a big deal but for the Doodle it is. He loves to be busy and he loves to be given little tasks to do. It's amazing to know that he has a huge receptive understanding of vocabulary but still can't or won't speak.

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