Here Comes Trouble. No Really. Here He Comes.

Now that the Doodle is not seizing up to 50 times a day and because we have carpet down now on our tile, I am MUCH more comfortable letting him run around the house without my shadowing his every move. The problem now seems to be the havoc he wreaks and all of trouble he gets into when you aren't watching his every move. Besides throwing things in the toilet and locking himself in the pantry he's been busy climbing on things. He has no problem standing on the dining room table or climbing up onto a trunk to get into my bed or climbing on a chair in order to turn the channels on the tv. Either he's gotten craftier or maybe because he's feeling better because when he was having seizures I don't think he had the energy or the ambition to be the little dare devil he has become.

Half my day is spent telling him NO. Don't do that. Get down. Stop that. Put that back. Don't rip that. Open the door and let me in. Turn the water off. Turn the light off. Knock it off. And so on.

Our fabulous nurse has been telling me he seems "oppositional" lately...which is just a nice way of saying, he's being a gigantic BRAT!

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