Going Grey

*gray hair(s)
1. Lit. a lightening of the hair caused by aging or hereditary factors. (*Typically: get ~ have ~ give someone ∼.) 2. Fig. a lightening of the hair caused by stress or frustration. (*Typically: get ~ have ~ give someone ∼.)

I don't dye my hair...I'm a natural brunette. In the past, I've only dyed it for fun. But, I'm beginning to get grey hairs now and it's not a good feeling. I'm torn because I want to pluck them out but I've heard the old wives tale that claims for every one grey hair you pluck, you will get seven in its place. I'm pushing 42 so obviously I shouldn't find these grey little friends of any surprise but I think I am getting them more from the definition #2 above. Stress. In large doses. Now, not only can I blame stress for my weight gain and overeating but I can say it has made me grey too.

The Little Grey Hair

...I remember yesterday when I found a little grey hair
How I felt like crying alone on the chair
As I’m leaving my youth to a tale of behind
A tinge of sadness trails through my mind.

Yesterday was a beginning for me, now I know
Today I can start to let it all flow
A new release will rush through my veins
As I embrace the God-given gifts and loosen the chains.

By Liz Chukwu©

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  1. Dye it!!!!! I started getting grey hair too and I am stil in my 30s. There is no shame in dying it!